The Yuba County Museum of History is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Public Benefit Corporation. Copyright 2009-2012 Yuba County Museum of History
A project such as this takes a lot of effort to bring together. The following individuals are giving of their time and talents to make this happen;
Special Thanks to our Founding Contributors!

Without your support, this project could not happen!

Pat Camarena

Dana Hubbard

Yuba Roots

CA Cold War Museum & Memorial

Rick & Debby Neault

Dann Spear & The Museum
Of Forgotten Warriors

Gordon Tom

Judy Mann

Sara Sealander

Friends for the Preservation of Yuba County History
If you have an item of historical value that is related to Yuba County and would like to donate or loan it to the museum, or if you would like to help through volunteering or making a contribution, please feel free to contact us through our contact page or at (530) 788-3292.
Dana Hubbard - President
Jan Beatty - Secretary
Benjamin Deal - Board member
Karen Compton - Board member
Thaddeus Eubanks - Treasurer
Judy Mann
Pat Camarena
Sue Cejner-Moyers
Tammy Hopkins
Kathleen Smith
Cynthia Fontayne
Brad Kosh
Gordon Tom
Dann Spear
Al Kosh
John Taylor
Wayne Neault