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Ramirez Castle. Ethel Winant.

Modern history of Yuba County spans back to 1850 and the founding of the great State of California. This County has played many important roles in the foundation of California and in the shape it has become. In the early days, pioneers saw the agricultural potential of this area. They knew that once the river waters were tamed, agriculture production would be big. Over 160 years later it still produces high quality agricultural products and innovation.

Through the gold rush until today, mining has also remained a constant. It may not be as big as it was during the gold rush, but miners continue to find gold all along the Yuba. The Yuba Goldfields continues to find plenty of gold hidden in the tailings produced by hydraulic mining over 100 years ago through the continued operation of their great gold dredge in Linda.

Many of our great pioneers led intriguing and successful lives. Individuals; such as Supreme Court Justice Stephen Field, Jose Manuel Ramirez, Mary Murphy Covillaud and others. The remnants of Marysville’s Chinatown, with the Bok Kai Temple, is one of the oldest Chinese communities remaining in California.

There is a lot more to Yuba County and the City of Marysville and our great history continues. Please take some time to peruse our pages here and learn more about it. Come by and visit too, we would love to meet you!